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Our Story

We were created out of a $500B industry - the most powerful network in the world. We may work with global video-broadband-wireless providers to grow companies on a massive, international scale, but we operate in the day-to-day in authentic, human connections. We’re focused on finding the perfect partnerships for each of our companies and building tangible, personal relationships.


We may dream in the billions, ten years into the future, but we execute in personal phone calls, introductions over coffee, and sitting down together at the table. People, communities, and companies thrive when networks connect - because no matter how world-changing the tech is, it all starts with “Hello. Nice to meet you.”


Our Mission

We built UpRamp as the bridge between two worlds: one founded on entrepreneurship that now connects every part of our lives, and one that rebels against the status quo to push us forward. We designed a program for every stage of the entrepreneurial lifecycle in order to push the industry forward and foster growth in the startup ecosystem. That’s why we created:

  • A hardware and connectivity track within the Boomtown Accelerator to bring UpRamp resources to seed-stage startups
  • Innovation Showcase events throughout the year to get the radical founders and their technology on stage in front of decision-makers and influencers
  • The Fiterator, a 14-week accelerator to guide later-stage startups to product-market fit in the global cable industry
  • An Innovators in Residence program for entrepreneurs who are looking for an exciting project in between gigs

We don’t believe in “maybe next year”. We believe in “why not now?”



We are UpRamp. Let's connect.


Our Team

Scott Brown UpRamp

Scott Brown | Executive Director

8 time startup founder, storyteller & aspiring one-man ukelele band.

Edie Winter UpRamp

Edie Winters | Director of Biz. Dev.

Connector of dots & CableLabs chili cook-off hall of fame inductee.

Lisa Schwab UpRamp

Lisa Schwab | Program Director

Passionate about startups, bikes, cameras, and tunes.

Satish Ramakrishnan UpRamp

Satish Ramakrishnan | Chief Innovation Officer

Knows everyone. Oldest person in his weekly guitar lessons.

Scott Caruso

Scott Caruso | Director Strategic Ventures

Entrepreneur. Geek. Mentor. Love opportunities to change the world.


Leah Oppenheimer | Content Manager

Constantly looking for the red thead. Passionate about NY-style pizza.

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