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Did you go through a startup accelerator and find that scaling or finding true product-market fit is still a challenge?

Are you a later-stage tech company that is ready to gain serious traction with enterprise businesses?

The UpRamp Fiterator is designed to bring you true product fit within the global cable/broadband/wireless industry – helping you get to DEALS, not just demo days. 

Applications for 2017 are closed and the program has started.  Check out the four companies here

Get notified about the 2018 Fiterator Program

18 days over 3 months

The selected teams meet in Boulder, Colorado every other week over the three-month program. For international teams, we can make alternate arrangements.  

The goal is customers

The Fiterator is not about raising venture money (although that is possible), it is all about perfecting your offering and graduating from the program with at least one deal, PoC or LoI from the cable & broadband industry.

We've got your back

UpRamp will cover all your costs for the program, including travel to & lodging in Colorado. Our Fiterator teams are part of our family forever - we are there for the long haul.  

Who Should Apply?

The bar is set high for companies in the UpRamp Fiterator. If you can answer YES to ALL of these questions, then you are a great candidate!

My company has raised more than $1.5M in financing

My company has a working product that is currently in market

My company has a product or service that could be a big win for the global cable-broadband-wireless industry

My company can commit at least 2 key people to attend every session of the program - A Product/Technology lead and A Sales/Marketing lead

See what our Fiterator alums have to say about the program: 

"What drew us to UpRamp was the way they positioned the Fiterator as a new evolution on the accelerator concept."

-Addison McCaleb, CEO of MediaHound

Learn more about our first cohort. 
Meet the Teams

A Non-Exclusive, Royalty-Free License to

All Patents in the CableLabs Portfolio

Yep, you read that correctly. Every company that enters the Fiterator will be granted a non-exclusive & royalty-free license to every patent in the CableLabs portfolio. Over the past 20+ years, CableLabs has worked hard to build an amazing and interesting family of patents related to the cable and broadband industry. By opening this portfolio to all UpRamp Fiterator companies, you will have “freedom to operate” in highly relevant areas of technology.

In addition, as a participant in the Fiterator, we will sponsor your membership in UnifiedPatents, an “anti-troll” entity, that will provide you with up to $50k in legal protection against patent troll lawsuits.


Phil McKinney

President & CEO, CableLabs


Chris Lammers

COO, CableLabs


Ralph Brown

CTO, CableLabs


Ike Elliot

CSO, CableLabs

Jay Rolls - Resized.jpg

Jay Rolls

CTO, Charter Communications

JR Walden.jpg

JR Walden

CTO, Mediacomm Communications

Jon Pederson.jpg

Jonathan Pederson

CTO, Midco

 Mike Giobbi.jpg

Mike Giobbi

CTO, Armstrong Group of Companies

Andrew Ip.jpg

Andrew Ip

Senior VP - MSG Ventures at The

Madison Square Garden Company

Balaji Gopinath.jpg

Balaji Gopinath

Managing Director, Ubuntu Ventures



Belal Hamzeh

Vice President, Wireless Technologies

at CableLabs

Bruce Dines.jpg

Bruce Dines

Technology Investments, Liberty

Global Ventures

Christine Haefling.jpg

Christine Haefling

President and DevOps Practice Lead,

ShiftLeft Software

Erin Stadler.jpg

Erin Stadler

Program Director, Boomtown


Hamid Heidary.jpg

Hamid Heidary

President, HRH Consulting


 Jason Maki.jpg

Jason Maki

Business Engineering Manager, Midco


Jen Shelby.jpg

Jen Shelby

VP of Online Services, Kyrio


Joe Selvage.jpg

Joe Selvage

Director of Advanced Technology &

Innovation, Liberty Global

Josh Seiden.jpg

Josh Seidan

Executive Director, Comcast

Innovation Labs


Mickie Calkins

Director, Co-Innovation &

Prototyping, CableLabs

Neil Illingworth.jpg

Neil Illingworth

Director of Advanced Technology &

Innovation, Liberty Global

Pete Smyth.jpg

Pete Smyth

VP of Wireless, CableLabs


Randy Levensalor Resized.jpg

Randy Levensalor

Lead Architect, CableLabs


Rob Martell.jpg

Rob Martell

Founder and Executive Consultant,

Shift Left Software


Ron Reuss

VP - Technology Strategy, CableLabs



Satish Ramakrishnan

Chief Innovation Officer, UpRamp

VP Technology Outreach, CableLabs


Scott Brown

Managing Director, UpRamp Ventures

VP, CableLabs


Steve Glennon

Principal Architect, CableLabs


Alberto Campos.jpg

Alberto Campos

Distinguished Technologist, 



Anju Ahuja

VP Market Development & Product

Management, CableLabs

Bobbi Frioli.jpg

Bobbi Frioli

VP Sales, Accellion



Carey Sonsino

Lead Engineer at CableLabs


Curtis Knittle.jpg

Curtis Knittle

VP, Wired Technologies, CableLabs


Daryl Malas.jpg

Daryl Malas

Principal Architect - Advanced

Technology Group, CableLabs

Don Clarke.jpg

Don Clarke

Principal Architect, Network

Technologies, CableLabs

 Don Parsons.jpg

Don Parsons

Vice President, Liberty Global 


Jeff Finkelstein.jpg

Jeff Finkelstein

Exec Director of Advanced Access

Architectures, Cox Communication

John Riley.jpg

John Riley

VP of Global Procurement, Liberty


Laurel Buckner.jpg

Laurel M.V. Buckner

VP, Corporate Venture Investments,

Mergers and Acquisitions, GCI 

Mitch Ashley.jpg

Mitch Ashley

President and GM, Kyrio, Inc.


Neeharika Allanki.jpg

Neeharika Allanki

Lead Architect - Wireless R&D,


Robert Cruickshank.jpg

Robert Cruickshank

PNM Technical Lead, CableLabs


Tetsuya Nakamura.jpg

Tetsuya Nakamura

Principal Systems Architect,


 Tim Schaefer.jpg

Tim Schaefer

President, Lionpur



Tom Williams

Distinguished Technologist,

Wired Technologies, CableLabs

William Warga.jpg

William Warga

VP of Technology, Liberty Global


Wylie Nelson.jpg

Wylie Nelson

VP of Wireless Services, Kyrio, Inc.


 Blank Pic for Table.png


 Sign Me Up!

Small cohorts, big impact.

The Fiterator is limited to 4-6 companies per cohort. This sharp focus allows us to customize the program for each team to ensure their individual success. The first half is centered around learning product fit while prepping for a presentation to crucial industry C-levels. We then laser focus on testing, negotiations, and closing deals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

It’s pretty simple. If your company meets or exceeds the following, you're qualified to apply:

  • My company has raised more than $1.5M in financing 
  • My company has a working product that is currently in market 
  • My company has a product or service that could be a big win for the global cable-broadband-wireless industry
  • My company can commit at least 2 key people to attend every session of the program
    • A Product/Technology lead
    • A Sales/Marketing lead
What will it cost?

There is no cash cost to you at all. UpRamp will cover 100% of your expense to participate in the program, including airfare, lodging, etc.

Does UpRamp ask for an equity stake?

Yes. In exchange for the valuable access and opportunity, UpRamp requests 3% equity as warrants. The valuation and type of stock is going to be dependent on your company’s specific circumstance, however, we do not ask for anything crazy. No board seats, no RoFR, no madness.

Our goal is to align both of our interests by having both sides put some skin in the game.

What if we can't attend some of the sessions?

All sessions are required.

Over the time of the 3 month program, companies will meet every other week, for a few days. We have structured the program like an executive MBA course for startups. Each and every session is critical to your success.

Is there a demo day?

We do not culminate in a demo day like traditional accelerators. We do, however, get you in front of the right people to demo and show off your technology.   

We will host 3 events for each cohort where you have the chance to demo and showcase your goods. The first one will happen as part of the CableLabs Summer Conference and is designed to help you introduce your product and services to the industry.  Next, you will present to the top CEOs and CTOs in the cable industry in an intimate meeting in NYC during Diversity Week. This is designed to take place after 6 weeks of learning from the global operators. The other two events include a public pitch and a VC pitch.  We will tailor these based on each cohort. 

What kind of outcomes can I expect?

Each company will graduate with one or more actual deals, PoC’s, LoI’s, pilot agreements or more from the 55 global cable operators that make up the CableLabs membership.

What if it doesn't work?

If you finish the program and don’t get at least one deal, you are welcome to keep your 3% equity. We believe so strongly in the program, that if you feel it didn’t work, you don’t give up anything. It’s an equity-back guarantee.

Who are the mentors?

Each company will be paired with a C-Level mentor from CableLabs, and a C-Level mentor from one of the global cable operators. In addition, you will have access to over 250 skilled and crazy-smart subject matter experts in your field.

You will never have to deal with mentors that don’t know your space, but you will certainly have the challenge of “mentor whiplash”. When ever you bring together strong opinions from seasoned experts, you will get differing opinions. We see this as part of the fun and certainly part of the challenge in finding strong product/market fit. The good news is that you will get to meet and talk with many of the key stakeholders and decision makers for your market. This will give you all the data/opinions you could ever hope for as you figure out how to best tackle the market.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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