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Product Market Fit and False Positives

by Scott Brown | Mar 14, 2016 | Fiterator |

A number of years ago, I had a company that sold software to big enterprises. The challenges of elephant hunting are well documented, but there is one part of it that can be particularly frustrating: Finding “fit” across an entire herd of elephants.

Back in the day, I had a meeting with the perfect person at a big company. He was gracious enough to walk us thru all the challenges he faced in his day-to-day and laid out for us the exact needs he had. In our abundance of enthusiasm, we decided that if he had these problems, everyone else in his role would have the same exact issues. So, we built the product to match his needs, and went to market.

As months rolled by, it became increasingly apparent that his needs were real, but mostly real just for him. As you probably know, it can take considerable time to sell an idea enough to get a meeting with the right person in a big enterprise, and even longer to get that honest dialog around what they really need. It wasn’t until we spent years building new features for new potential customers, that we finally found the feature set that made sense for the entire industry. Stops and starts, feature dead ends, and lost dev cycles can be death for a company on a tight runway. Fortunately, we eventually figured it out and things started to hum.

At UpRamp, we are working to solve this challenge.

Imagine you have an amazing new product that could revolutionize the way consumers access the internet. In your third week at UpRamp, after you have figured out the true hypothesis for the company, we will schedule 30 minute calls with every head of consumer network access in the global cable industry. Now, imagine 55 meetings with the exact right person at every major cable operator in the world, all in the span of a couple days. This is serious, fast and high-powered learning.

You can probe, ask your questions, validate your ideas and find commonality across the entire industry in a very short period of time.

Once you have the data, you have a roadmap toward success. UpRamp is designed to help emerging startups find that elusive product market fit in a very compressed and focused time frame. With a passion for deals, not demo days, UpRamp is committed to helping you graduate the 3-month program with real deals and reference customers.

Learn more about UpRamp at http://TheUpRamp.com


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