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Freedom to Operate

by Scott Brown | Mar 16, 2016 | Fiterator | Patents |

Over the past 20+ years, CableLabs has built a pretty amazing portfolio of patents. Based on the R&D and innovation work that CableLabs does every day, this family of IP has been created to put a stake in the ground for various innovations around video, networking, proactive maintenance, interactive advertising, and many other areas.

One of the things I love about CableLabs, is that even though they have built this portfolio, it has never been used for offensive or innovation limiting purposes.

Now, with the launch of UpRamp, we are opening this portfolio up to all participants. Every company that enters the Fiterator will be granted a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to all CableLabs patents, with annual mutual renewal option.

Having access to this IP, gives any graduate of the Fiterator “freedom to operate” within the scope of these highly relevant technologies. It doesn’t give you the right to go out and act like a patent troll, but it does give you IP protections to operate within some of these interesting technology areas. And who knows, maybe you will find an idea in there for the exact feature you need to gain product/market fit in the global cable/broadband industry.

In addition to the above, UpRamp is also going to sponsor every graduates’ participation with Unified Patents. Unified addresses the risk and cost of non-practicing entity (NPE) litigation by strategically protecting broad areas of technology, such as content delivery. Unified's unique solution partners large companies, SMEs and startups to proactively deter NPE activity. The resources that they use include monitoring, market intelligence, claims analysis and USPTO challenges. By protecting important areas of technology, or Zones, Unified Patents mitigates NPE risk for its members' most important products and services.

At UpRamp, we are building a large tent to help spur innovation for the global cable & broadband industry. And our first step in that process is to give 20+ years of patented innovation to every company who participates in the Fiterator.

This is about freedom. Freedom to build amazing products. Freedom to scale your business in a $500b market. Freedom to operate with less fear of NPE risk.


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