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Meet the 4 Startups Selected for the First UpRamp™ Fiterator™ Program

by Melanie Moffett | Aug 7, 2016 | Fiterator | Startups |

UpRamp’s Fiterator launched earlier this year to offer startups an accelerator that offers actual deals, not just demo days. There are many programs out there that bring advice and introductions to the table…and sometimes even investment capital. But not always. Fiterator is different – it is more of a graduate program for later stage startups who already have a product, and are now looking for that elusive product/market fit in the global cable/broadband industry. This industry is all about connection- to entertainment, information, education, one another, and the world.  These game-changers will help revolutionize how we connect.

When we put out the call for applications to our first Fiterator session, we had a great response from so many awesome startups out there in the world (17 countries, a variety of industries, and a fund raise total of $157M!). It was tough to narrow it down to just four, but it is critical for us to have a small number in each cohort to ensure that laser focus is placed on each company in order to make the most of our time together.

We have been working hard these last few months, both on narrowing down the participants and planning for the CableLabs Summer Conference where our first Fiterator meetings are being conducted. The Summer Conference starts today and is designed to showcase and explore cutting edge technology products and services, and there couldn’t be a better place for us to announce our four rock stars.

So, without further ado, here are the four companies participating in the first Fiterator session.

Edgewater Wireless

Edgewater Wireless is revolutionizing Wi-Fi infrastructure with their patented, multi-channel WiFi3™ technology powering next-gen access points, Small Cells and Wi-Fi/DAS solutions. WiFi3™ is the difference, delivering up to 50x greater throughput vs traditional Wi-Fi and dramatically lowering network infrastructure investment.

Edgewater Wireless commercializes leading edge wireless technologies for the service provider market. With a rich patent portfolio and some of the world’s most talented engineers, Edgewater Wireless is developing what service providers and your customers have long been asking for — vastly improved Wi-Fi network performance across a variety of industries and challenging environments with unparalleled performance, high flexibility and unsurpassed security.

The Skinny: Edgewater’s WiFi3™ technology would ensure mobile Wi-Fi service at stadiums, concerts, festivals, conferences, and other high density areas, meaning people could Snapchat, Skype, Zoom, or FB Live their faces off with no disruption!

For more information, check out the Edgewater Wireless website.


MediaHound is changing the way people share and discover new entertainment, bringing next-generation content discovery and personalization tools to MVPDs, OTTs, and other entertainment platforms via its recommendation platform, The Entertainment Graph™. It offers personalized search and discovery for videos. Users can build out universal taste profiles and connect to the friends and influencers they care about to discover new favorites in fun, social ways. User can find any movie, show, song, book, game, person, franchise, or genre within The Entertainment Graph, and get better recommendations that span all sources and media types.

The Skinny: MediaHound could save relationships everywhere with their rollout of “Date Night”, putting the decision of what to watch on Friday night into the hands of algorithms that know your preferences, finding a match in the middle so everyone is happy. Pass the popcorn.

Go to the MediaHound website for more information on the suite of apps provided.


VelociData rapidly cleanses, transforms, and protects streaming and batch data without the need for database or applications programming and without the need to change existing systems or infrastructure. Proven by more than a decade of use in exchanges and capital markets around the globe and backed by more than 40 patents, VelociData ESCA is the first Enterprise Streaming Compute Appliance.

Capitalizing on years of experience gained in the most demanding computing environment there is – high velocity trading – to bring transparent, performant stream computing to business applications of all kinds.

VelociData’s early adopters are Fortune 500 companies in Finance, Insurance, Health Care, and Retail who are seeking strategic business advantages by mastering stream computing before their competitors do.

The Skinny: The VelociData Raptor could END DISRUPTED CONNECTION CALLS TO CUSTOMER SERVICE because its wickedly fast curation & processing of data means that troubleshooting systems happens before anyone even knows about it. Happy customers, happy companies with reduced friction.  Can we get an AMEN?

Check out their website for more information.

Trinity Mobile Networks

TrinitySDN is a multi-network overlay SDN platform with client-side software designed from the ground up for smartphones and other moving, multi interface, and battery-constrained wireless devices. Cellular and Wi-Fi networks appear to end users as a single network. TrinitySDN seamlessly integrates Wi-Fi and mesh networks into people connectivity experience alongside their cellular connections. Trinity helps network operators provide the best QoS, regardless of connection type.

Trinity helps cable operators get the most out of their expansive Wi-Fi footprint. TrinitySDN coordinates cellular, Wi-Fi, and mesh connections for devices running a client-side software, called Jumpnet (available as a white-label solution). Jumpnet runs as an app on iOS and Android devices. TrinitySDN helps network operators’ control their subscribers' QoS while on Wi-Fi and improve network performance.

The Skinny: Trinity’s Jumpnet would eliminate mobile DEAD ZONES in the kitchen, basement, bathroom, side yard, closet (we’re not judging), wherever you drop calls.  Also, as it turns out, dramatically reducing high blood pressure as well!

Learn more at Trinity Mobile’s website.

Congratulations to the four participants! We are thrilled to get started. If you would like to receive updates on these companies, as well as other startups and events, sign up to receive our newsletter below.


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