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CableLabs' Dr. Arianne Hinds Honored with Prestigious WICT Award

The national Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT) organization was founded in 1979 and is the oldest and largest org serving female professionals in cable and telecom. It is an important leadership  and STEM supporter in our industry for females and our parent company, CableLabs, is a strong supporter. Last week, WICT Rocky Mountain awarded CableLabs’ Dr. Arianne Hinds the 2017 WICT Rocky Mountain Woman in Technology.

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It is really cool to see Dr. Hinds get this award because she serves a key role not only at CableLabs, but she works on many other important technological forays and committees such as serving as head of the US delegation to MPEG. She is responsible for developing strategy for important technology standardization in the industry.

Dr. Hinds is also the lead inventor on many image and video compression patents including four that are essential to the MPEG standard for her work on (stay with me here) fixed-point implementations of the Discrete Cosine Transform and Inverse Discrete Cosine Transform. Whew. For those of us who do not have a PhD in Technology Wizardry, this basically means that it improves the accuracy of digital video compression and decompression for streaming high quality digital video.  


Those of you that are fans of the HBO show Silicon Valley will feel us on this one – that video compression is incredibly important to streaming high-quality video. The show is basically built around Richard’s compression algorithm. Faster compression (and more accurate compression) means smoother video content delivery. Dr. Arianne Hinds is a real heroine to the bingers in all of us!

richard-1920.jpg(Image Credit: HBO.com)

If you want to read the full story on Dr. Hinds and her prestigious award, check out the full article on the CableLabs site.

(Image: Dr. Hinds’ parents checking out her bio at the ceremony)


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