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Connectivity Challenges - IoT and Security

by Lisa Schwab | Apr 20, 2017 | CableLabs | IoT | Connectivity |

Last week, our parent company CableLabs hosted the Inform[ED] IOT Security Conference in New York. The conference took an in depth view of IoT’s evolution and the increasing security, privacy and policy challenges arising from the extensive deployment of connected devices. IoT security and privacy policies are challenges we are increasingly focused on in the connectivity eco-system. As more devices are connecting to the internet, the bigger the attack surface becomes, increasing security challenges.

This conference featured some of the big names in the tech industry, academia and government, and was opened by retired executive assistant director of the FBI Shawn Henry, now of Crowdstrike. The threats of security from billions of connected devices are real - with the potential to harm businesses, individual and our national security.

Click through to the full article to see what experts have to say including Dylan Davis from RiskSense, James Plouffe of MobileIron (who just so happens to be a technical consultant to the critically acclaimed cyber-thriller show Mr. Robot), and Matt Perry,  Microsoft and OCF Board of Directors President.

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