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Getting Empowered Through Instinct

Feeling safe is empowering. So often, we go against our instincts in situations that feel off somehow, but aren’t emergent enough to call the police and report our feelings. But, every two minutes, a person is sexually assaulted in the United States. This is a problem that one of our Innovation Showcase alums, Revolar, is working to solve. At its core, Revolar believes that everyone has the right to feel safe. Their mission is to make that a reality through discreet wearables that enables users to go through life without fear.

Revolar Founders.pngRevolar is founded by CEO Jaqueline Ros, who developed the idea after her sister was assaulted as a teenager. Jackie thought there had to be a way where someone in a similar situation as her sister could push a button to send for help. So, she set out with co-founder Andrea Perdomo, who had her own experiences where a product like Revolar could have helped. Andrea’s grandmother was kidnapped when they all lived in Colombia for eight months.

Revolar is a wearable that users can clip on a keychain, belt, or any other strap on their clothing/accessories. It sends tracking information through the free app to your loved ones, letting them know where you are and that you are safe. But it isn’t a 24-7 tracker. It only sends that info when the user clicks the button.



We love this product because it is a great way to keep those in our family safe. We also love entrepreneurs that turn unfortunate events into innovative solutions. And, from our standpoint, as an Innovation Showcase alum, Revolar can broaden the home safety products that our members in the cable/broadband/wireless industry already offer.

Revolar Instinct


Today, Revolar is unveiling its newest product offer – called Revolar Instinct. Remember above when we mentioned that it’s hard to call the police on an instinct? Well, this is exactly the problem Jackie uncovered when talking with many sexual assaults survivors who said that they “knew something was wrong, but I felt paralyzed. I couldn’t call 911 based on a bad feeling.” The survivor’s intuition was right, but they didn’t feel they could take action.

Instinct helps the user communicate or send for help. With a three-step system, users can push the button once to let loved ones know they are home safe, twice to send for help from friends or family, or three times to alert loved ones to send emergency services to their location.

As a female entrepreneur, Jackie is no stranger to raising money, sometimes by unconventional means. Fundraising often means having to go through telling her sister’s story over and over, so for her, it has another layer of intensity. “Fundraising is one of the most emotional processes that I have to through on a daily basis.” She also adds “to be a female founder it is all about alternative forms of funding. It isn’t all about VCs. It is about being scrappy.

So today, Revolar is launching an Indiegogo campaign to get this incredible new product off the ground.

If you are interested in protecting your loved ones and supporting Instinct, check out their Indiegogo page below and chip in!  Revolar believes everyone deserves to feel safe no matter who they are, where they live, how they look, or who they love. That’s why they created Instinct. 

Trust Your Instincts! 


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