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Hygge Power and Fanboard.co Start the First UpRamp Track in the Boomtown Accelerator

Our mission at UpRamp is to build a lifecycle of entrepreneurship within our industry for the top global video-broadband-wireless providers. Our Fiterator program focuses on on later-stage startups that have achieved traction and funding, but we also know how important it is to foster entrepreneurs at early stages of development.

We turned to our friends at Boulder’s Boomtown Accelerator to help facilitate this. Boomtown is important to our team: Scott Brown has served as a mentor for years, Lisa Schwab is a graduate, and Scott Caruso is working hand in hand with them this year as a mentor as well.

We announced our collaboration back in June, adding a way for us to engage with startups that aren't quite at the Fiterator stage yet. Our special track features companies focusing on hardware and connectivity. They will be guided through the Boomtown program - including intense acceleration and mentorship - and also have access to UpRamp and CableLabs' relationships and insights within the connectivity ecosystem.

With Boomtown's fall cohort getting started, we're excited to announce our first two teams in the program. As with the Fiterator cohort, our decision was based on pain points within the cable industry, reflecting months of conversations with connectivity executives. The two startups beginning their journey down the UpRamp track of Boomtown target customer experience and engagement - two key areas for the cable industry.


Hygge Power's OPO is an advanced home battery/energy system which can respond to energy marketing fluctuations, service interruptions, and smart home devices. Named for the Danish concept of coziness and beauty in everyday moments, OPO transforms regular power outlets to optimize household power consumption, keep essential electronics humming during blackouts or storms. The device also monitors the home, sending owners security alerts and providing emergency lighting. OPO is WiFi connected, so there's no question that it'll become an essential part of the connected home.

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Geared towards sports teams and their fans, Fanboard is a behind-the-scenes platform that uses immersive experiences to direct sales. By guiding fans to their favorite team's native app, Fanboard generates sales for the franchise and drives engagement between fans and sponsors. The platform focuses on boost purchases of concessions, merchandise, upgrades, and tickets through games, fan and event filters, and the big screen, allowing cable operators to make better use of their in-stadium infrastructure. 

We know that our ability to guide mid-stage startups to find their product-market fit in the connectivity ecosystem depends on a strong pipeline of early-stage startups - the ones that have an idea and a URL. We're excited to join Hygge Power and Fanboard on their journey through Boomtown and look forward to developing their network within our industry - for their next steps in our world.

Learn more about the Boomtown accelerator.


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