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It’s About That Time… for Showcasing Some Innovation

by Lisa Schwab | Feb 1, 2017 | Growth | Innovation Showcase | Startups |

Twice a year, we produce a demo event inside the CableLabs Conferences (Summer and Winter) called Innovation Showcase. We give eight companies the opportunity to present their product or service to an exclusive audience of top-level executives in the global cable and broadband industry.  The companies are completely AWESOME...and very diverse.  Last summer, for instance, we had the Orchestrated Energy powerhouse Tendril, instant chat translator ChatLingual, and Zen, a smart gateway that gives homes gigaband speeds.  

We are getting ready for the Winter Conference in Orlando next week where we will be celebrating our 20th Innovation Showcase. (We were doing pitch events before pitch events were even cool.)  In preparation for the celebration, we pulled in some of our alums to see what they had to say about the event.

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The Coaching

The whole idea of hosting the Innovation Showcase is to give emerging tech companies and startups a chance to demo their goods to 500+ technology leaders in the global cable & broadband, and soon to be wireless industry. These are the world leaders in internet, entertainment, and video connectivity (remember, you have to have incredible broadband to even stream). We feature LIVE DEMOS - no slideware action here.  The tech execs get a real look “under the hood” of the technology, which gives them a better understanding of how it could be applied to any of the projects they are running in the near future.

We open up applications for these events and get a lot of responses.  We choose based on relevance to the industry (you can see the vast array of companies- the application for their technology is immense), their technology wow factor, and their ability to demonstrate how the industry needs their innovation They are all provided with presentation coaching and rehearsals from selection right up until they get on stage because we want this demo to kick major ass.

One of the participants from this past Summer, Scott Casey of Ubisense, said that the “powerful team that was assembled for the coaching helped us take our theme, messaging and presentation up another level.” Another participant, Ofer Familier of Vayyar, said that the show preparation was so incredible and professional, and was what he remembered most about participating in the Showcase.


What to Expect

While we can’t promise our participants that they will get deals as a result of the Innovation Showcase (that is what the Fiterator program is for), we do give an unmatched opportunity for startups to launch their product to influencers in this $500B industry.

Scott Casey said that the event exceeded his expectations as far as the level of engagement and the quality of attendees. Because Ubisense was in the Showcase, they got a lot of attention that he doesn’t believe they would have received otherwise. They are in detailed discussions with three cable service providers as a direct result of the event. Ofer mention that Vayyar received 15-20 qualified leads from the conference, and he is in serious discussions with 6-8 of them.


Good Use of Time?

Running a startup is difficult and time is not plentiful - we know - our team is made up of entrepreneurs.  It is crucial to focus time and energy in the right places. Not only did Scott Casey give it a 10 out of 10, but Ofer said, “Well worth it!” Many of our past participants end up recommending the experience to others, because they got so much out of the event.

Ubisense is continuing to achieve significant milestones at two of its cable customers with myWorld, a geomobility enterprise software platform for the cable industry. Scott couldn’t talk specifically yet, but said Ubisense is “proven to improve field tech efficiency by 10-15%, lower OPEX and address ‘do more with less’ pressures. And, we are reducing MTTR (Mean Time to Repair), leading to an improved customer experience and better NPS (net promoter score). We have heard from some customers that they are saving 1 to 1.5 hours a day per field staff. On an aggregate level those numbers roll up significantly!” This is impressive stuff that Ubisense is now helping operators to achieve.

Vayyar also has several successes that Ofer can’t share at this point, but he is hopeful to be moving toward a proof-of-concept project soon.

If you think this opportunity fits your company, our next opportunity is in Keystone this August.  Sign up below to be notified when applications open.  Or, forward this to someone you think would be a good fit!

Sign Me Up!

You can learn more about what these two companies are up to at their websites: www.ubisense.net and www.vayyar.com. You can read about all the participants at our most recent conference and stay tuned for a follow up after our upcoming Innovation Showcase in February.


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