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Klover.io and Blue Alloy Labs join the UpRamp Track at Boomtown Accelerator

by Scott Caruso | Mar 21, 2018 | Boomtown |

In November, Fanboard and Hygge Power pitched at the Boomtown Demo Day, culminating their membership in the first cohort of the UpRamp track at the Boomtown Accelerator. Since then, Hygge Power has been hard at work closing a funding round, gaining market traction, and expanding their team, and Fanboard has been crossing the USA, pitching at events like ATL Startup Village.

We announced the UpRamp connectivity track with the Boomtown Accelerator nearly a year ago as a part of our mission to partner with entrepreneurs for their entire lifecycle - from the moment they discover a problem that needs to be fixed, all the way through to their life as executives taking a hiatus between roles. At UpRamp, we are continually on a scouting mission to find radical entrepreneurs that can revolutionize the connectivity ecosystem. We often come across startups that are too young for our in-house programs and encourage them to apply to Boomtown.

By partnering with Boomtown, we're able to support those startups that are at the very beginning of their journey. Boomtown focuses on startups that need help getting off the ground - not securing huge VC rounds, but providing founders with the tools that they need to build a successful business. The teams selected for the UpRamp track at Boomtown get access to all of the UpRamp resources, including industry mentorship, while going through the curriculum that is best suited to their stage.

So, we're excited to announce the teams that have joined the second cohort of the UpRamp track in the Boomtown Accelerator. As with the Fiterator and Innovation Showcase, our decision was based on months of conversations with industry executives who have shared with us the pain points they have faced. These two startups reflect very different - but equally important - needs, focusing on AR and IoT infrastructure.



Launched in 2016 by veterans of the transportation industry, Klover is the product vision of CEO Pawan Kharbanda's knowledge of industry needs, using technology including IoT, big data, cloud computing, and workflow engines to manage transportation infrastructure. Klover revolutionizes the future of intelligent transportation, making use of data collected from their sensors and providing insights, analysis, and actions to clients. The platform was built from their years of experience with government agencies, however the company will spend their time at Boomtown refining their product and develop a go-to market strategy for the private sector.


Blue Alloy Labs

Initially focused on augmented reality for assistive tech, Blue Alloy Labs is the brainchild of founders Ian Philips and Andrew Smerek who met at the University of Texas at Austin. Ian and Andrew were inspired to create their intuitive and ambitious eye- and head-tracking AR system by a friend with cerebral palsy whose physical motion was limited to one hand - and who was getting sick of spending nearly a week to type out a three-page paper. With their solution, they aim to give people a simple and effective communication tool, and enhance their ability to control their surroundings.

Boomtown's next demo day is coming up in late spring, and we can't wait for our teams to show the public what they've learned and where they'll be headed in their next steps. We're excited to join Klover.io and Blue Alloy Labs on their journey through Boomtown, and look forward to preparing them for their next steps in the connectivity world.

PS: Boomtown applications are open year-round. Do you have an idea that could change how we connect? The next cohort begins August 27, 2018.

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