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The Digital Transformation Driving Healthcare Innovation

by Lisa Schwab | Apr 25, 2017 | Innovation | CableLabs | Connectivity |

At first glance, it might not be apparent that healthcare is part of the connectivity eco-system, but in actuality the industry stands to benefit greatly from the digital transformation. Just like the Inform[ED] conference on IoT security, our parent company CableLabs held a second conference in New York last week called Inform[ED] Connected Healthcare. This conference examined the benefits and challenges of connected healthcare and ageing in place, including: lifestyle impact, new business models, device security, regulatory issues and privacy concerns

Privacy concerns get really challenging when you talk about connectivity in healthcare. Most healthcare establishments cannot control the many ransomware threats aimed at their systems, and thus can only work toward prevention. Working together, the cable industry and healthcare industry can provide a better, less expensive system for all patients that is focused on the consumer making their own decisions. Medical grade connectivity will improve the patient experience.

But there are definitely hurdles to providing medical grade connectivity, as discussed by a panel of (CISOs) moderated by Ram Ramadoss of Catholic Health Initiatives. But most presenters and panelists agreed with the opening statements made by Microsoft's Chief Medical Officer Simon Kos, that technology is transforming the care continuum and will reinvent healthcare in a positive way for the patient.

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