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These Mentors Are Helping to Drive Innovation in a $500B Industry

by Leah Oppenheimer | Jan 26, 2018 | Meet the Mentors |

It's a known fact: as companies get larger, innovation gets stifled - even Google is feeling it. It happens in every business and industry in cycles. The rapid pace of disruption with modern companies is accelerating this and it's crucial that companies not only figure out how to innovate from within, but how to source from the outside. 

We are obsessed with this. We're motivated not only by helping entrepreneurs succeed, but also by finding the ones that can make waves in the connectivity industry, introducing new technologies and working to improve our members' relationships with their customers.

More and more startup accelerators are choosing to focus on a specific vertical in order to consolidate knowledge, develop industry partnerships, and build a better brand.  It certainly has served us well - we are backed by the $500B connectivity eco-system. As a result, our expertise encompasses not only startup strategy in general, but all elements of the connectivity space as well. 

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Our knowledge is powered by our 250-strong mentor network. Combined, they have several lifetimes of experience in the cable and broadband sectors, and have led projects that impact our abilitiy to connect in the way that we take for granted today. Other mentors have had successful exits with their startups and can guide teams through the challenges of satisfying investors and customers at the same time.

We have some of the best in the business - including the former CTO of HP (and current CEO of CableLabs), the head of technology and innovation at Charter Communication, and a member of the original V(ideo)oIP team at Time Warner Cable. They're the ones who connect our teams with the people they need to know, and get elbows-deep into the dirty work of building connections and making deals happen. All because they are passionate and want to help startups succeed.

Over the next few months, we’ll be talking with Fiterator mentors to ask them the most pressing, mind-bending questions we can think of, such as:

  • Where will the connectivity industry be 10 years from now?
  • What technology are you most excited about right now?
  • How do you embody "fail fast, fail forward"?
  • What's your mentor superpower?
  • French press or Aeropress?

Check in on our Twitter or Facebook to keep up-to-date on when they’re released and to learn more about whom you could be working with come August.

Does your startup have what it takes to invigorate the connectivity industry? Applications for Fiterator 3 are opening in just a few short weeks. Sign up to get notified - your technology combined with our mentors could be what it takes to begin the journey into the largest network on earth.




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