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Tough Questions and a Cool Audience at Pitch Night 2017

by Leah Oppenheimer | Oct 27, 2017 | Fiterator |

Deals, not Demo Days

It's our thing. Demos aren't the highlights of our program, just a stop on the way to what really happens: Deals.

But throughout the course of the Fiterator, our teams have to present their technology twice. In late September, they pitched to the CableLabs board at Diversity Week in NYC.

This time, we kept things a little more relaxed. On Wednesday night, the teams presented their solutions to a group of CableLabs Innovation Bootcamp attendees and members of the Colorado startup community at Galvanize in Boulder.

Adobe Spark

Compared to their pitch in New York, our final words to the Fiterator teams were "have fun". This event was more relaxed: the audience was excited to see the Fiterator teams pitch for the first time, and we told the teams to enjoy themselves and not to take themselves too seriously. At the same time, we told them to remember that anyone 
could be in the audience. 

The result? They were great. The audience was interested and engaged, we were lucky enough to have an awesome panel full of experts in the connectivity industry, including: Andrew Ip of Charter Communications, Carla Donelson of Verio, and Mark Varricchione of The Innovators Network.

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But that doesn't mean it was easy. Our panelist asked thought-provoking questions, such as:

  • What happens when you face an MSO that doesn't yet have the technology your solution is intended for? Do you have any alternatives to offer them?
  • What's your ROI for gaining new customers? How long does it take you to be profitable?
  • What other applications does your software have outside of the intended usage?
  • What kind of security precautions have you taken for your platform? How are you ensuring the integrity of the platform?

Needless to say, the panelists kept the teams on their toes. The questions asked were really fresh insights into some of the challenges our teams might face as they enter the industry, coming from individuals who have been within the connectivity industry for a long time. 

So even though we told the teams to focus on having fun during Pitch Night and to make their stories relatable and passionate, they knew that the event was a real one - and especially because it was free to the public, anyone could have walked in off the street last minute. We're proud of how well they told their stories, while at the same time coming up with thorough answers to the tough questions they faced.


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