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Up Pitch Creek Without a Saddle

by Jeff Metzger | Feb 13, 2018 | Up Pitch Creek |

A great friend and mentor of mine recently said to me: "The ability to pitch and tell stories is a muscle. You have to work it out!” He’s absolutely right. In fact, the more you practice the more you will begin to see the events in the world around you as a narrative you can share.

My name is Jeff and I am an actor and storyteller. I help entrepreneurs tell better stories and build better pitches. I’m the guy you want to talk to before you talk to other people.


You know how it can be incredibly difficult to get your point across sometimes? You have a great idea, or point of view, but you just can’t make people follow you. There’s probably a problem with your story.

It's ok, we’re going to fix that.

Welcome to Up Pitch Creek Without a Saddle, a blog series dedicated to the most outrageous pitches I can come up with. Not because I hope these fictional, fantastical startup ideas will actually take flight, but more because I believe that storytelling is a basic tool of human communication and anyone can do it, even when faced with ridiculous circumstances.

Photo credit: Pitch Deck

So we’re going to play a game: every month, I am going to pick out two cards from a great game called Pitch Deck developed by Fred Benenson & Alex Hague. One card will have the name of a company you probably know and love. This card will be the model for our business. The second card is the pitch card. It contains important elements such as our target market, product features, and benefits.

You can probably guess what happens next. I’m going to smash (literally) these two cards together and I will write an elevator pitch for the company worthy of investment (or not).


And your role? You are the investor. Follow the hashtag #uppitchcreek on Twitter, and reply to tell me why you would or would not invest in this business idea. I also want to hear how you would re-frame the idea or change the original - or even create your own.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with new editions of this series - the first one will be out in the next few weeks, and if you’ve ever been in an uncomfortably preppy house, you’ll enjoy it.


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