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#UpPitchCreek: Jurassic Park for Sentient AI

by Jeff Metzger | Apr 25, 2018 | Up Pitch Creek |

Welcome back to #UpPitchCreek, where I randomly draw two cards from Pitch Deck and try to sell you on it. Aside from being really fun, pitching a nonsense business idea is one of the best ways to develop storytelling skills for when it really matters - like in front of investors.

This week, join me as I walk you through Sentient Island, a place where things talk to each other and learn to protect the world around them. Follow along on Twitter to let me know if you're on board - or how you would sell it differently.

The Internet of Things is here. We connect with our physical world in more ways than ever before. We put our faith in smart things to wake us up, keep us warm, get us stuff, and even predict what we want to say. The scary thing is this: what if these things decide they would prefer that we work for them? Life always finds a way.

We are Jurassic-AI, and we believe the future of IoT is teetering on one simple question: is it safe?

We can prove that it is!

Massive innovations in scientific technology have set the stage for us to create a world full of living connected devices. Welcome to Sentient Island, a place where things run things and, more than that, they think about their future and protect themselves.


Imagine a thriving place laced with connected devices and sensors. Hyper-intelligent devices are working to create a community of convenience and efficiency.

A reasonable question at this point would be: why the hell are we doing this now?

The answer is because the only chance society has to discover what lurks in the electronic brains of these devices is to let them run wild and interact with one another. As they connect and expand their network, they will grow their intelligence and skills, and we will have the chance to observe them as they evolve. We will follow areas like agriculture, healthcare, healthy homes, construction, smart cities, shipping, energy production, and home control. The devices may be small, but they can cause massive shifts in the world.

Should anything go wrong (and really, what could possibly go wrong?), we will hit one button and sink the island creating the lost city of Atlantis IoT. Not a failure, just something new to study.

We are putting together $25M to purchase the island and another $5M to ramp up operating expenses. Deep Water Cay is a turnkey Caribbean island that is perfect for our needs. It is 91 acres of Bahaman paradise, and with your investment, it will become a place where we can allow these superintelligent devices to follow Metcalfe's Law and roam free.


We will also be partnering with device makers to garner donations of their tech to equip the island. If you have a smart product and would like to participate, you will be able to tell all your potential consumers you took part in the most significant cyber-safety test in the history of humanity.

If you are one of our first 50 partners or investors, we will offer you a private tour of the island once it is up and running - a treat you will not want to miss. As you arrive, you will be alerted by a smart car of your pickup time. While you wait you will be outfitted with biometric intelligent watches, clothing, and sunglasses to plug you directly into the full park experience. Don't worry about bringing a camera as you will be geolocated and photographed at every step along the tour.  BTW - If you're the shy type, we recommend you use the bathroom before you step foot on the island.

Think about some of the beings you could meet along the way. There's Brad, an intelligent but co-dependent toaster. He talks to the other toasters if he feels neglected to make sure he hasn't been forsaken. You will also spend time in an immersion session with an industrial robot named Rosie, and, last but not least, you will meet an automated dinosaur (don't worry - he's a herbivore).

So take this chance now to join us as a group of entrepreneurial scientists struggle to harness a remote island park whose main attractions - autonomous IoT devices - have been set loose in the name of innovation and advancement.

Are you on board? Have an idea you want to see me pitch? Let us know at #UpPitchCreek.


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