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UpRamp and Boomtown: A Marriage Made in Tech Heaven

by Lisa Schwab | Jun 13, 2017 | Startup Accelerator | Connectivity |

After small tech companies get their product figured out past the MVP stage and are ready to rock and roll, they need customer traction. But the challenge for many of those tech startups that want to sell into giant industries is having enough funding to last a sales cycle with an enterprise company because they are generally slower to move. We pull back the curtain and give our cohort access to the most influential C-levels and technologists in the space, fast tracking the path to deals.

But let’s back up. When we are scouting for the right companies, we often find many that are a bit too early for our program. Since we are exclusively focused on deals, we have to make sure the startups in our program have raised at least $1.5M or have sustainable revenue and that they have a product or service in market.  

UpRamp was founded last year to help startups working to impact the connectivity ecosystem. We are here to help accelerate adoption because we are backed by CableLabs, the global R&D/Innovation Lab, made up up 57 of the world’s leading multi-system operators (cable-broadband-wireless). At UpRamp, we meet so many incredible early-stage startups with technology that can improve people or businesses’ experience with connectivity and help propel us into the Near Future. We wanted a way to help them and make them part of our overall entrepreneurial lifecycle for the connectivity industry. This is where the Boomtown Accelerator comes in.

Boomtown and UpRamp have been friends since their inception. UpRamp’s founder, Scott Brown, is a long-time Boomtown mentor and so are several of our team members. Further, I am an alum of the Boomtown accelerator and I know firsthand how beneficial their program is for early-stage startups who may not have an MVP yet and need help getting off the ground. Boomtown’s focus is not on raking in a bunch of VC cash, but on providing tools to ensure the success of their entrepreneurs. We are big fans of how they help young companies take off.

A New Track for Startups in Tech


We announced the new accelerator at Boomtown’s Demo Day that capped off Boulder Startup Week last month. It is a new track for startups focused in the hardware and connectivity space. They get access to Boomtown’s accelerator programming, mentorship, intense acceleration, and now they also get access to UpRamp and CableLabs’ relationships and insight within the connectivity ecosystem.

We will be working with Boomtown over the next three years, bringing in three startups per cohort, twice a year. The 12-week program will focus on support from Boomtown’s awesome group of mentors as well as the C-levels we have access to at UpRamp. Best of both worlds, right?

Boomtown is taking applications now for the Fall cohort. Startups who are interested in being a part of this unique accelerator should apply by July 31st.




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