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Top 5 TV Ads We Would Block With Our Filtrie

by Austin Strain | Jun 28, 2018 | Innovation Showcase |

You know that moment when you are watching TV with your family - and some inappropriate commercial comes on?  Awkward. Or, what about when election season is in full swing and you’re sick of seeing political ads? And what if you have decided to become vegan and do not want to see any more triple baconator burgers trying to lure you back into carnivore-land? 

TV ads can be annoying and sometimes are not appropriate for the audience. UpRamp Innovation Showcase alum Filtrie recognized this problem, and has tackled it by giving viewers control over the commercials that show up.  They do it using a proprietary box and a smartphone app. 

In honor of Filtrie’s current Kickstarter (live through July 11 - get yours!), and to learn a bit more about my UpRamp team (summer intern alert!), I asked my colleagues what types of commercials they would like to eliminate with Filtrie. Here are the top five answers!


The Mucinex Dude: There's not much to say here. The guy is flat-out creepy.

Politics: Regardless of your affiliations, there comes a time in every election cycle when throwing the TV out the window feels like a good alternative to watching another political ad.

Jewelry: Whether it's diamonds, gold, or any other sparkly thing, these commercials can convey stereotypes - and we're not fans. (Show us cars instead - at least it makes us want to travel!)

Inappropriate stuff: We have all been in a situation where an advertisement for an intimate product comes on while Grandma, sweet as she can be, is sitting right there next to us. If you are lucky the remote is close by, and you can frantically grab it and change the channel. Otherwise, yikes.

Hair loss solutions: No need to remind us.

Pet products: We actually love these commercials, but they drive our real pets insane.

The adoption of streaming has given us much more control over what we view, and the growth of adtech has placed highly-targeted commercials based on our own interests instead of the channel or show. Now, with Filtrie, we have the same options when watching regular TV - making the experience much more enjoyable. So ...



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