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Entrepreneur: Why You Should Question Your Mentor's Motives

by Scott Brown | Dec 19, 2017 | Mentorship |

Go to any startup-y event, listen to any panel, and you’ll hear someone talking about mentorship - how you need to have one, how vital they are to the growth of your startup, and more. They’re just that important - and we agree! The Fiterator runs because of the incredible mentors who give us their time each year.

But mentors are still humans, and humans aren’t always as altruistic as they might seem. Mentorship is (usually) an unpaid service - giving back to the community after success. So while your potential mentor’s skills are vital to their ability to help you and your business succeed, so are a few things we tend to forget about - their motivations.

Learn more about the three main types of mentors and what to look out for here.



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