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Averon is a revolutionary mobile identity platform that solves the problem of user identity across the entire digital world. Averon’s automatic and instant authentication securely breezes users through online verifications and checkouts with zero user effort and without needing to disclose any personally identifiable information.

Averon’s authentication solution allows users to access their data, accounts, and devices securely using a device associated with their digital identity. 

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Blitzz is a video-, AR-, and AI-enabled platform that allows field technicians to connect with customer support agents, decreasing the time it takes to solve problems. Customers can also interact via video and live chat, creating a customer-center workflow.


Blitzz enables collaboration by allowing teams to exchange information, along with easily contacting experts for assistance and providing critical support analytics. Blitzz improves NPS scores and first-time fix-it rates while simultaneously reducing truck rolls, technician turnover, casualty, and warranty losses.

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Mutable is a Public Edge Cloud that overlays on top of all infrastructure layers: 5G networks, Cloud, POPs, BSCs, and micro datacenters. Their platform allows enterprises to offload their unused cloud resources to smaller software and gaming developers, giving smaller businesses access to high-speed, low latency, edge cloud computing without the capex typically required of such an investment. 


Mutable allows code to be deployed automatically to the edge, enabling technologies such as IoT, AR/VR, and gaming through low latency and reliable compute.

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Xogo by Bansen Labs is a universal adapter that allows people with disabilities to connect with consumer technology through their accessible devices. Xogo users can interact with devices such as cable boxes, gaming consoles, smart homes, and more on their own terms, without needing to buy individual adapters. 

Bansen Labs aims to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities by creating technology that promotes inclusion, access, and social opportunity.

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DeviceBits is a AI-based customer service platform that focuses on driving self-service customer engagement through the DeviceBits Academy. This is available on the client website or mobile app, or via the agent-assisted interface called DeviceBits CareAssist. DeviceBits is powered by user and agent data fed into predictive models, known as SupportPredict technology, and presented back to the end users as Intelligence Augmentation and AI.

DeviceBits currently has millions of uses and 53% YoY revenue growth.

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Teltoo is a software-only solution that helps operators, broadcasters, and OTTs improve video delivery quality and optimize bandwidth costs, even at the highest traffic peaks.

Teltoo’s WebRTC and HTML5 technology is integrated on production with RTVE (Spanish state broadcaster) and Liberty Global. 

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Edgewater Wireless is revolutionizing Wi-Fi infrastructure with their patented, multi-channel WiFi3™ technology powering next-gen access points, Small Cells and Wi-Fi/DAS solutions. 

Edgewater Wireless delivers vastly improved Wi-Fi network performance across a variety of industries and challenging environments. 

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MediaHound is changing the way people share and discover new entertainment, bringing next-generation content discovery and personalization tools to MVPDs, OTTs, and other entertainment platforms via its recommendation platform, The Entertainment Graph™. It offers personalized search and discovery for videos, improving discovery and recommendations and improving satisfaction and retention for MSO customer bases.

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 Trinity Mobile Networks’ software-defined networking platform, called Jumpnet, is the only technology that combines Wi-Fi, cellular, and mesh networks into a single network, providing unprecedented control to network operators over any connection type and the best mobile internet experience for consumers. Subscribers see seamless handoffs between WiFi and cellular networks as well as faster and more reliable connections through link aggregation.

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VelociData rapidly cleanses, transforms, and protects streaming and batch data without the need for database or applications programming and without the need to change existing systems or infrastructure.  VelociData's solution offer cable operators visibility into the entire cable plant, enabling them to reduce the most expensive and frequent sources of trouble and customer support.

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