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    Ann Finnie

    Director of Communications, CableLabs


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    858 Coal Creek Circle

    Louisville, Colorado 80027

    United States

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    One Line

    UpRamp, backed by CableLabs, builds connections between extraordinary startups and the most powerful network on earth: the global video-broadband-wireless industry.

    Elevator Pitch

    UpRamp, backed by CableLabs, fast-tracks radical entrepreneurs into the connectivity industry. We drive innovation in the most powerful network on earth - the $500B video-broadband-wireless industry - by introducing external technology through a range of programs that support the entire entrepreneurial lifecycle, with the vision of a better-connected world.


    UpRamp, sponsored by CableLabs, skillfully connects the startup world to the vast global cable network. We don't just make connections, we make commitments. We are powered and backed by a $500B industry, but we come from the world of grassroots innovation. We amplify success by guiding startups to the world's largest and most powerful network, because it is our passionate belief that people, communities, and companies thrive when networks connect.



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