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UpRamp Fiterator 
Unlike traditional accelerators, UpRamp Fiterator is closer to an executive MBA for startups. The UpRamp Fiterator is a 3 month, non-resident program for companies that already have a product in market, have either raised capital or built a sustaining revenue stream, and are looking to engage real customers in this massive and growing market. While most accelerators close their program with a “demo day”, the outcome of the Fiterator is real deals and reference customers. 

Fiterator Companies Attending SCTE


Teltoo is a software-only solution that helps MSOs distribute live OTT video at scale. It's much better than using a traditional Content Delivery Network (CDN) because it allows the network to natively scale according to the success of the content and its demand.

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DeviceBits is a customer service software platform powered by AI and Machine Learning to enhance agent and self-service user experience.

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Xogo is a universal adapter that allows people with disabilities and those Aging in Place to access consumer technology like cable boxes using their own accessible controls.

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Mediahound's personalization platform helps video services delight users while maximizing profits through high-conversion discovery experiences and cost-saving business intelligence.

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Addison McCaleb, Founder & CEO
Wesley Newburg, Director of Ops
VelociData delivers hyper-performance products that collect, curate, correlate, and command outcomes from your data in real-time. 
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Joe Lancaster, Product Owner

Edgewater Wireless reengineered WiFi for the better. Delivering more channels on a single radio to improve network performance and reduce Adjacent and Co-Channel Interference. Intensify your WiFi with WiFi3™.

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Andrew Skafel, President & CEO
Eric Smith, V.P. Product
Matt Massey,  V.P. Marketing
Trinity Mobile Networks has pioneered the first and only Endpoint SDN, Jumpnet, that combines Wi-Fi, cellular, and mesh networks into a single network. Jumpnet provides unprecedented control to network operators over any connection type and the best mobile internet experience for consumers.
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UpRamp Team Members Attending SCTE


Scott Brown

Executive Director - UpRamp


Scott Caruso

Executive Director - UpRamp


Lisa Schwab

Program Director - UpRamp


Edie Winters

Director of Bus. Dev. - UpRamp


Jeff Metzger

Story Consultant - UpRamp